Your Story of Self

Journey through the odyssey of your inner life, learn the power of story, and reignite your creativity. 

Imagine being among like-minded friends, discussing what it means to be human, exploring our personal and professional stories, and healing through the act of writing.

We humans make sense of the world through the narratives we create to organize the chaos. But when do these stories become limiting? When do they no longer serve us, while a new story is waiting to emerge?
This 7 week group coaching course and writing workshop is designed to help you better understand yourself, reframe challenging experiences, and creatively engage with your life as a story unfolding.

This course is for you if:

You are tired of the same old story playing on repeat in your mind 

You know your own potential but have trouble putting it into words

You have a story to tell and need support and accountability to bring it to life

You crave disruptive discussion about society, culture, and being human

You want to reignite your creativity through reading, writing and collective energy

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An understanding of narrative psychology and how it affects your relationships, worldview, and self-perception 

An established writing, editing and revision practice

A piece of your own powerful writing that reveals your most authentic self 

Feeling supported in your self-inquiry and transformation process

Curated resources from literature, articles, and interviews that inform and inspire

what you'll walk away with

When is it:

Dates for 2022 are coming soon!

7 weeks, with a one week break in the middle to do some writing and reflecting. Join the waitlist below!

• Our sessions will take place over Zoom
• We meet once per week
• Sessions will be 2 hours long (with breaks)

Where/When will we meet? 

• Our sessions will take place
   over Zoom
• We meet once per week
• Sessions will be 2 hours long
   (with breaks)

"Just two years ago, when I was 17, I was in a near fatal car accident. I broke multiple bones and I had a TBI (traumatic brain injury). I had to relearn how to walk, talk, read, and write. When I started working with Lela, I had healed and was in my first year of university in Madrid. I wanted to work on a professional bio to use for business venture ideas while I completed my studies. Then we dug deeper into my story. Lela helped me see that I wanted to share all that I had learned from this experience in a more impactful way. So, we took that bio and slowly transformed it into a Ted Talk. I'm now in conversation with a TEDx leader, with plans to share this talk on stage later this year."

- Ryan B

"Lela is an exceptional coach! She has supported me through two very important moments in my life so far. The first: establishing better life-work balance in my freelance business. She helped me build up the courage to establish firmer boundaries with my clients. The second: Lela coached me through cancer treatment with an art therapy project. We worked together on a creative writing project that helped turn a very scary experience into an inspiring and stimulating one."

- Renee G

"Lela helped me get in touch with my truest story. We looked at my professional bio, as well as the stories I tended to tell about my identity, and discovered hidden gems that were so much more meaningful to share. Lela helped me realize that I could be more authentic, clear, and precise when communicating my work and stories with colleagues and peers, and supported me with the courage to do so, especially in writing."

- Corrina H

Have questions?

For course related questions, please shoot Lela an email to help outline whether this course would be a good fit for you.