Lela is an engaging speaker and workshop facilitator for organizations. With training in systems theory and narrative psychology, she specializes in helping teams rewrite their stories, navigate transitions, and create healthy team culture.

In working with an organization, Lela provides effective tools, along with clear communication and genuine care. She brings compassion, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor to her work, making her workshops impactful and inspiring.

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"The word change does not at all scratch the surface of what this eight person team endured. I couldn't imagine how someone was going to come in, assess our situation and help us maneuver through. Somehow Lela wisely, gently and graciously guided our team through and gave us tools to keep us on a path to healing and strength. She honored us as not only productive employees, but more importantly humans. It was a wonderful experience."

"Lela created a safe space for our team to be vulnerable and to honestly explore our thoughts and feelings. She gave us tangible goals to work toward and the tools to achieve our goals."

"Lela creates environments that allow difficult topics to be broken down into approachable material; she creates spaces that allow people to participate as much, or as little, as they need, but still feel connected to the process and the outcome. After quite a difficult series of changes, Lela helped our team begin to acknowledge, understand and contextualize these transitions so we may collectively move beyond and become a stronger unit."

"Lela brings a combination of genuine care along with her expertise to challenge teams to have hard conversations that steer them toward positive change."