Lela is an international coach, consultant, and speaker who specializes in examining the social conditioning, familial influences and self-talk that inform your life story.

With over ten years of experience in education, health, and wellness, combined with her expertise in writing and editing, Lela helps you transform your life and improve your work through rewriting your narrative.

Lela's story

                             Lela was in a traumatic bicycle accident. This near-death experience shook her. Her healing process was both physical and psychological. As Lela replaced her story of victimhood with one of resilience, she slowly worked up the courage to get back on her bike again. 

                                          Lela fell madly in love with books, little worlds comprised of complex characters and emotional depth within their pages. She identified her empathic powers through reading and cultivated them in her real-world relationships.  

                    were shaped by teaching and learning in academic settings. Lela studied English as an undergrad as well as a graduate student, mastering narrative analysis and the essay writing process. She was a big nerd! She honed her skills as a reader, writer, and editor during this decade of her life. 

                         she had an awakening. After nearly ten years of teaching, she was called toward an entirely different approach to education: coaching. She discovered how powerful it is to become a student of yourself and of life. Her passion for psychology, along with her need for deeper self-care and autonomy, led Lela down this path. Doing this work, she is in integrity with herself. Now, she helps people of all ages and backgrounds find integrity in their lives too. 

At the age of ten,




• Masters, English Education, Columbia University 
• Certified Meditation Teacher (Trained in
   Transcendental & Vipassana modalities)
• Accredited Coach (Trained in Co-Activ Method)
• Trained in narrative psychology & systems theory


• Masters, English Education,
   Columbia University 
• Certified Meditation Teacher
  (Trained in Transcendental &
  Vipassana modalitie)
• Accredited Coach (Trained
  in Co-Activ Method)
• Trained in narrative
   psychology & systems theory

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